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Solar Traffic Production:

   Solar traffic production provides clearly conditions.

  After being energized by the sun, it automatically starts to flash when night falls or with the onsetof inclement weather.

   The bright Red/Yellow flashing LEDs are highly effective at getting the attention of drives  much earlier than conventional road studs.

   This advanced warning gives drivers more time to avoid or navigate danger Zone.

   The solar power provides the free electricity to the signs to automatically sparkle at night without any other external sources of energy.


Focus Grid:

   .  Solar energy is limitless and it's free

   .  Solar energy is clean and good for the environment

   .  Solar energy is consistent and can generate the units at a fixed rate

  .  Power generation is possible even during times when sun light is diffused 


Our product:

     We produce in our manufacture:

            - Solar traffic Signal

            - Solar traffic Flashing Light

            - Solar traffic warning light

            - Solar traffic Signs

            - Solar LED Display

            - Soar Road Stud

            - Solar Street Light

            - Solar traffic Controller

            - Solar traffic Countdown


        All of our productions have 5 years warranty


























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