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     Solar Signal Controller:   

            Intelligent traffic signal controller is used to control the traffic flow in multiple ways at an intersection, for individual intersection control, or as a system component of a comprehensive Traffic Management System.


          Technical specification: 

             . Solar Panel for signal controller: 50 watt

             .Battery for signal controller: 12 volt, 50mA sealed lead acid

             . Microcontroller system with ability to adjust each motion phase,

             . Programmability for signal controller through computer,

             . Automatic, manual, flashing, and full red flashing time (clearance),

              separately for each phase of signal controller,

             . Time scheduling and separate phasing for each phase (with 1 second

               precision) up to there, motion phases,

             . Three output signal groups (each with 5 amperes fused output),

             . Signal controller has LCD monitoring,

             . Body casing of signal controller has Fully sealed and resistance to dust,

             . Metal body with anti-scratch electrostatic furnace color,

             . Separate door for police access has made for signal controller ,

             . Dimension of signal controller is 30*49*16 cm

             . Weight of signal controller is  15 kg,