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     Solar Traffic Countdown Timer 2.5 digit:   

            Traffic Countdown is designed to reminds driver and pedestrians of the waiting time through counting down numbers to effectively reduce the rate of traffic accidents,

              The countdown can conduct stable operation by adopting "independent clock watchdog", software and anti-disturbing measure,

              The countdown no need to connect other power supply, but directly connected to traffic signal,          


     Technical information:   

             . Solar Panel: 440 watt

             . Battery: 12 volt, 360Ah sealed lead acid

             . Green count down timer has 448 LED,

             . Red countdown timer has 496 LED,

             . Lighting of countdown is 4 candle for RED LED,

             . Lighting of countdown is 8 candle for Green LED,,

             . Power of countdown is 50 watt,

             . Weight of countdown is 15 kg,

             . Led life time for countdown is 100,000 hours,

             . Metal body with anti-scratch electrostatic furnace color,

             . Dimension 60*80 cm